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Enclosures might be crafted from a range of materials. The commonest components seem to be either aluminum or wood, depending on your choice (and what equipment you have got available).  I produced my own enclosure outside of 1/2" MDF mainly because it is affordable and simple to operate with.

As talked about before, every time a beam of light hits a area, it is actually both of those refracted (bent) and reflected. Inside a dim theater, these reflections is usually very visible and quite distracting if you don't do some thing to remove them.

  It's important to acquire two equivalent prisms, considering the fact that the next prism must terminate the rainbow made by the primary prism.  If you'll find differences from the prism angles, or In the event the surfaces are usually not correctly flat, then you will get far more "chromatic aberration" (which is able to seem like blurring at the perimeters of the screen). First Tests

It is also essential to mask the sides from the prisms.  As I discussed before, whenever a beam of sunshine hits a floor, aspect is refracted (bent), but section is mirrored. With these glass prisms, a mirrored image from a person floor is simply about 4% of the most crucial beam depth.  A double-reflection is just about 0.

  So, if possible, just put your projector on a table and spot the prisms in front of the projector.  Then start off fidgeting with the angles.  In my circumstance, I put the prisms over a bit of paper, and Once i had the prisms adjusted, I just traced the define of your prisms on to the paper for a template for design (extra on that afterwards).

  I tried to attenuate screws and only rely on them the place it was necessary, Considering that the prime should be eliminated to vary or clear the prisms.  But MDF isn't going to keep screws really well, so biscuit joints and glue do the job ideal.  The top look at also shows the tentative situation on the prisms (hunting down around the prisms).  The circles characterize the screws which were glued to the top and bottom with the prisms. The within from the enclosure is lined with black felt that may be glued for the MDF utilizing a spray adhesive (rubber cement also is effective nicely). 

• Presented in 6 various variations from the simple design towards the RackLink Variation; enabling the right box to be selected for the given task.

  These kinds of coatings are certainly high priced and they are a thing you are able to anticipate on professional lenses, but challenging to obtain for DIYers. Conclusions

(simply click for much larger picture) This extend is just coming from the projector's "Letterbox" method.  No lens is employed however.  See that C3PO and R2D2 seem stretched (tall and skinny).  This really is just what the lens will resolve.  When an Anamorphic Lens is put in front of the projector, we get this final impression:

There are many approaches to acquire a prism the scale that you simply will need.  Lots of people have manufactured their own individual prisms by chopping glass to create the surfaces, then seal the glass collectively for making a hollow prism, after which you can fill it with h2o or mineral oil.

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 You can also see the wing nuts around the facet which can be made use of to attach the bracket into the box, as well as the slots where by the bracket is bolted for the white sled. If you seem intently, you are able to see the plexiglas that is definitely epoxied to the best from the prism.  You can even see the black electrical tape that addresses the huge close from the prism (on the best aspect with the prism in the main graphic). Here's the enclosure moved into the facet of the projector:

The good news is, all we'd like to worry about are reflections that end up around the entrance display.  Mainly because it turns out, There exists a solitary reflection through the 2-prism lens that may seem around the entrance display screen.  This reflection happens equally as the beam of sunshine is exiting the final area of the final prism.  The light demonstrates internally throughout the prism, then displays once more on the very first area of the same prism, leading to a beam that hits the screen in the vicinity of the main beam.  Fortuitously, due to the fact that is a double-reflection, It really is depth is about of the key beam depth.  Also, offered the geometry with the lens shown in the following paragraphs, only the right-most Component of the image is reflected onto the still left-most Component of the monitor.  Supplied the very low depth, it is possible to only see this reflection when You will find there's brilliant object on the ideal facet from the display and the left facet of the screen is quite dark.  In some instances, you may see a dim reflection of credits at the end of some flicks, because They're shifting (creating the reflection easier to detect) and are generally shiny white letters over a black track record.

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